Goverment Board

What goverment board?

The Skripti government board is the leading element of the association. It is responsible for the association's actions and organizes events for its members.

What does the goverment board do?

The government board is responsible for supervising the students' interests. It also organizes different kinds of free time activities and tends to develop cooperation with companies in IT and with other student associations.

Goverment board contact information

Tiedepuisto, TB181
c/o Tietojenkäsittelytiede UEF
PL 111

hallitus @

Sanni Oksanen

Chair of the board

puheenjohtaja @

Jermu Roivanen

Vice-chair of the board

varapuheenjohtaja @

Anni Asikainen


sihteeri @

Eetu Granander


rahastonhoitaja @

Laura Riistaniemi

Cooperation officer

yhteistyo @

Timi Hyttinen

Cooperation officer

yhteistyo @

Jan Sistonen

Event manager

tapahtumat @

Jenni Rantanen

Event manager

tapahtumat @

Markus Lankinen

Material manager

hallitus @

Sonja Karvonen

Information and social media manager

hallitus @

Niina Piiroinen

Vice-member of the board

hallitus @