Skripti ry is a student association founded in 2018 by computer science students of the University of Eastern Finland. Skript's goal is to connect computer science students with various events, to act as a trustee and to organize cooperation with companies in the field. About 50 new students start every year, almost every one of them joins Skripti as a member.

Does your company want to get a head start when competing for future professionals? Our partners gain visibility among students in the field through their studies and can create valuable contacts through various events.


IT-Rekry brings together both students and employers in the field in an event where company representatives present the possibilities of their jobs to future workers in the field. The event has a limited number of speeches.

In cooperation events, your company gets to know Skripti members and we get to know you, in a comfortable and relaxed way together. For example, sauna evenings, workshops and evening parties have been very popular events for both companies and us.

Make your logo familiar

Your company's logo on overalls, on our website and in social media publications ensures that visibility among students is guaranteed for several years to come.

If you want to support the activities of our organization financially, you are welcome to join us as a supporting member. You can also contact our cooperation representatives directly.