Safe premis

The principles of safer premises are in use in any event organized by Skripti.

According to the Equality Act, no one may be discriminated against on the basis of age, origin, citizenship, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relationships, health condition, disability, sexual orientation, or any other reason related to the person.

Safer premises refers to a community effort to create practices that increase safety. In practice, in safer premises, the subject organization and its members try to take responsibility for difficult situations. Conflicts are dealt with instead of just being tolerated.

  1. Be respectful. Don't question the other person's difference. Handle sensitive topics with respect.

  2. Give space. Make sure that everyone is heard and gets to participate.

  3. Respect everyone's mental and physical integrity.

  4. Respect everyone's right to self-determination and don't make assumptions based on stereotypes.

  5. Do not repeat racist and discriminatory stereotypes in your speech, actions or behavior, even "jokingly" or "ironically".

  6. Don't harass anyone with words, touching or staring. Saying no means no. Stop or change your behavior if the other person asks you to.

  7. If you disagree with someone, try to express it in a constructive and peaceful way. Focus on the issue, not the person.

  8. If a situation feels uncomfortable, please raise the issue, for example by telling the board or the harassment contact person. You can also give feedback about situations afterwards and anonymously at

  9. Dismiss if you witness racism, discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behavior.

The harasment contact persons of Skripti ry are Julia Andersson and Julia Juntunen